Balmyard Beauty X Pum Pum Gyals 'Summer Hot Gyal Set'

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Introducing our very special and very limited edition summer collaboration with Caribbean accessories brand + friends Pum Pum Gyals: The Summer Hot Gyal Set

We went straight to the source and collaborated with local artists to create custom handmade clutches woven with fresh reeds and a pop of island color.

Set includes our best selling Romantic Call Body Oil and Baby Love Balm  along with a pair each of Pum Pum Gyals' 'Candy Ragga' and 'Vybez' frilly socks...all the essentials for a hot summer night in the city or by the beach!  

Each bag is approximately 6" High x 11" Wide x 1" Deep and is made of a natural reed body with black and green crochet across the flap closure. 

Because all are handmade with love and care, each bag is an individual piece with unique characteristics; no two are exactly the same.



  • Locally handmade reed woven clutch (approximately 6"H x 10"L x 1"D) 
  • Balmyard Beauty Travel Size Romantic Call Body oil (1 ounce)
  • Baby Love Balm Lip + Cheek Tint
  • One pair Pum Pum Gyals 'Vybz' Pum Pum Socks: Black cotton with black lace + navy frill 
  • One pair Pum Pum Gyals 'Candy Ragga' Pum Pum Socks: Pink cotton with lilac lace frill